Not Fooled By The Noise

Beca Lewis
4 min readAug 6, 2018


Have you ever stopped to think how often you’ve been protected and didn’t notice?

Protection is something that happens so often we often don’t realize it. But, what about all the times we’ve tripped, almost pulled over into a car beside us, banged our head, walked into the street without looking, and were protected?

Thinking about it this way we realize that protection is a constant and consistent — if mostly invisible — presence. However, sometimes protection is obvious, reminding us of its ever-present vigilance.

Many years ago, a friend and I were driving from Los Angeles to San Diego to visit another friend. My two young daughters were in the car. At the end of the two-hour drive, we took the exit off the freeway. At the bottom of the road, we stopped for a red light. Then we heard and felt a loud thunk and the car stopped working. Directly across the street was a gas station. They noticed our problem and a few men came over and pushed the car off the road and into the station.

Not all of the car though. The engine had fallen out. On the street. Apparently, the engine block had been cracked for who- knows-how-long and could have fallen out at any time. But it didn’t. It was protection before we knew we needed it. All we had to do was walk up the hill a few blocks to our friend’s home. The service station just happened to have a mechanic who knew precisely what to do, and a few days later we picked up the fixed car and headed back home.

Protection exists because Love is the force behind of all that we know and see — and all that we don’t know and can’t see.

It’s sometimes hard to remember this Truth. The noise of distrust, fear, separation, and the dangers of the material world can often cause us to forget that we have the ability to stop agreeing with those noisy claims. We were born with that ability. We were born knowing love, acceptance, and trust.

We have to learn how to not love or trust. We have to be taught how to discriminate and separate and not see all of the Divine’s creation as equal in all ways. We have to be trained how to fight instead of protect.

Most of us love the idea of the power of Love. That’s why we share videos and pictures of animals loving each other. Different species — what might be called natural enemies — expressing love, kindness, caring, and protection. We love sharing pictures of children playing together before they are taught that they were different, and instead of celebrating the difference, to distrust it.

We can never be great by separating or discriminating.

We were never great when we did either of those two things. To be great we have to align ourselves with, and act from, unconditional Love for everyone.

Honestly, that is sometimes hard to do. Especially when we don’t feel as if we can change the dangerous policies that people who appear to have more power than we do, threaten us. Policies, decisions, and actions that overlook the need for protection for all living things.

However, we can stop believing that we don’t have the power to change the situation. We have to stop thinking that there is power in the noise of separation and distrust. There never was, and there never will be.

There is only one power. The power of Love and all the actions that flow from it.

To stop the lie of another power, we have to start with ourselves. We can choose to not separate, or discriminate, or doubt, the ever-present protection and love of the Infinite. Then we can expand our circles to include more and more people in our thoughts and actions.

The Bible says “…see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” There is no separation or discrimination in this statement.

It’s a promise of protection and thriving for everyone.

That noise that claims that there is another power wants us to believe in a shadow or the absence of love.

It’s a lie, and we can prove it. Together.

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