Follow Nature Into Completion

Standing in the middle of cornstalks over eight feet high, I was feeling quite content. It was the end of the corn’s growing season, and I was removing all the cornstalks that had already produced corn.

I wanted the remaining stalks to have more light, air, and nutrients so they could complete what they started.

Then I moved over to the tomato garden and trimmed back every branch that did not have a tomato growing on it. As I did, I talked to myself and the plants about why I was doing it.

“There is only so much time left in the growing season, let’s put every ounce of your attention on finishing what you started.”

On the apple tree, one lone apple hangs on, sooner or later it will have to let go.

Autumn is the season that reminds us of the joy of completion and letting go.

That’s the fall season energy. Completion and letting go.

I don’t think it matters where we live, that energy is here for us to tap into and follow into completion.

I have a large whiteboard in my office, where I wrote all the work projects I wanted to do in 2019. A few are still unchecked.

The question is not if can I complete them this year, but should I?

If I try to do all of them, will the remaining ones suffer because I am not concentrating all my attention on them? Would it be like the tomato plants still sending out shoots when there were tomatoes that needed to ripen?

The trees in our yard seem to have an agreement with each other. They rotate which one of them will spend most of its energy on seed production, and less on beautiful leaves. Nature follows an internal rhythm. We may think that we don’t have the same internal timing, but of course, we do. It’s only a matter of paying attention.

So while completion and letting go energy is thrumming through us, let’s make use of it. Because, once we get to the internal season of winter, there will be time to plan new projects, look at schedules, examine intents, discover reasons, and make new plans.

Think how lovely that will feel. It will leave us feeling free to enjoy those months where we celebrate relationships — otherwise known as the holidays.

As I worked in the vegetable garden that day, I moved from the corn patch to the tomatoes to the pepper garden. Later this month I’ll start on the bushes in our yard, the ferns, flowers, and evergreens. I will trim the ones that like fall trimming and feed the ones that like fall feeding. They will all thank me, as I help them complete and let go.

Of course, not everything will be finished for good. I trim bushes and plants back that will return in the spring. Through their internal season, they will be building up roots, and storing energy for blooming next year.

Projects are like that too. They grow differently.

We all have many areas of our life where we can apply these ideas. So although I am using the example of “work” related projects, use these ideas for every part of life like home, health, and relationships.

Ready? Let’s get out our pruning shears and work through our life gardens using the energy of completion and letting go.

> First break your completion and letting go plans into categories, like business, home, garden, work, relationships, money, etc.

> Work one category at a time. But be aware that what you choose will affect the others. What is the most important category for you at this time? This is important to know. Remember, only so much time, and so much energy. Start there.

> Make a Complete This Year list of what you reasonably can complete by Thanksgiving. Start with the category that will be “hanging” over you if you don’t get it done.

Why Thanksgiving as a deadline? You know why.

However, if things spill over into the rest of the year, it should still leave you free to enjoy the relationship season.

> Start a Deal With Later list. Look at this list during your winter planning sessions. You may discover renewed energy for doing them, or that they don’t fit you anymore.

> Ask yourself why what is on your list is essential to you. Maybe it’s not. If it isn’t, either take it off for good or add it to the Deal With Later list.

> Make a Continue To Work On list of what you still work on while you are completing your projects. This is trimming back and preparing for spring at the same time.

What should be on this list? Only what brings you joy or feeds you. If it doesn’t do either of these then put it on the Let It Go For Good list or on the Deal With Later list.

> Make a Let Go Now list. Remember, spring brings new. The universe always supplies what is needed. Let go.

> And to celebrate the harvest of what you have completed this year, start a Celebration-List. Add to it as you finish up projects. We’ll talk more about this list in a few months. In the meantime, practice gratitude.

Thank yourself for what you have done. Don’t spend any time on regret, guilt, or worry. Cut those ideas out of your life garden forever. They act as a poison. No one needs that.

Enjoy this season. It’s a gift. Sit outside, feel the air, watch the shadows. Listen to your heart. Imagine yourself a tree and find contentment in completion. Let go. All is well.

Here’s an example of using my Work Category:

Complete This Year List:

Imagination Mastery released
A box set of The Return to Erda released

The Four Essential Questions Audio released
Deadsweep Audio released

Start 2 new podcasts:
Shifting Stories: One Chapter At A Time
Sharing Stories: One Chapter At A Time

Continue To Work On List:
The Chronicles of Thamon series
Abbadon Audio book
The Accepting Abundance class
20Books Conference
Youngstown Writing Conference

What I Completed List:

The Return To Erda series
All books wide

Writing Conferences
One down — two to go

Originally published at on September 23, 2019.



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