Why it's dangerous to be stuck

And Let Life Be Easy

Words and actions have lasting effects…

In 1969, having been in California for a year and moved from one job to another, I ended up working as a bookkeeper at Capitol Records in Beverly Hills.

Is Your Twig Too Big To Fit In The Hole?

This might help…

A movement caught my eye. A flutter up. A flutter down. It was a wren with a long slender twig trying to get it into the small opening of the birdhouse. Up-down, up-down. Holding a stick in its beak wider than the birdhouse, it repeatedly tried to make it work.

This might help-

I don’t think I want to meet the person who knows all the answers. I believe I would be suspicious. How could they be so sure? Did they cause the problem? Are they trying to ruin people’s lives? Do they know all the facts?

Habits are wonderful. Except when they aren’t.

The habits I like are the ones that keep me in line, moving down the road towards where I want to go.

Now that the end is in sight, we need to ask ourselves, did we learn anything?

It’s tempting only to ask if the world, our leaders, our neighbors, our family learned anything, but that won’t help much.

Beca Lewis

Shifting Stories. Writing Stories. #author, #coach #podcaster #shiftthestory

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